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The Lost Fleet - Dauntless - Jack Campbell - NEW - Book 1 of Lost Fleet

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The Lost Fleet - Dauntless - Jack Campbell -  NEW - Book 1 of  Lost Fleet

The Lost Fleet - Dauntless - Jack Campbell - NEW Book

Paperback - Lost Fleet Book 1

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Still feeling weak from being frozen for 100 years, Geary arrives at what is supposed to be a decisive battle for the Alliance against their the Syndicate. The battle turns out to be a trap and as the leaders of the fleet board a shuttle to negotiate surrender, the Admiral calls on Geary to lead the fleet if anything should happen to him. Geary, assuming that the old laws of war still apply and that nothing ill would happen to his leaders, accepts. Mere hours later after the Admiral is executed, he finds himself in command of 200 ships that have been badly beaten and are cut off from retreat.

Having been frozen while the hypernet technology was invented Geary realizes that while the faster hypernet gates are blocked, the Syndicate ships have left the old jump points unguarded. Geary commands his ships to feint then run for those jump points. In the process he loses a ship commanded by his great nephew who stayed behind to buy time for the fleet to jump.

After the first jump, Geary has to establish command over people who naturally assume they should be leading the fleet. With the last one hundred years of war having been one of severe attrition, few of the officers and crew surviving under him have any experience with tactics or chain of command. The whole fleet is run as a democracy with captains vying for votes in the decision-making process. Geary abolishes this practice and exerts his authority and in the end creates enemies within his own fleet.

Despite all of this he manages to teach a majority of the fleet how to fight in complicated but powerful formations, how to respect authority and how to use the jump point system of travel. Cut off from the hypernet and on the run, Geary still manages win victories against the Syndicates who are in pursuit. Decisively winning battle after battle Geary gains the trust and adoration of many of his subordinates, and angers his enemies.

The story ends with the fleet still on the run, but working ever closer to home while evading and confronting the enemy as needed.

About the Lost Fleet series

The Alliance has been fighting the Syndics for a century, neither side able to gain an edge over the other. The Alliance, however, has gained access to a Syndic "hypernet key" allowing them to directly attack the Syndic homeworld. This turns out to be a trap and the remnants of the Alliance fleet find themselves trapped in enemy territory. Before the battle the fleet had come across the hibernation escape pod of Captain John Geary. Known as "Black Jack" in the present, his legendary exploits are known to every schoolchild and he is revered for his heroic last stand in the early days of the war. The only problem Geary sees himself as just a regular naval officer who could not possibly live up to the legend that has been built around him. Geary, however, finds himself the senior commanding officer of the fleet after the Syndics kill the fleet command staff after tricking them into negotiating for their surrender. Appalled by the hero-worship around him and worried by the fact that he never commanded anything as large as this fleet, Geary is nevertheless able to escape the Syndic system with most of the fleet intact, except for a ship commanded by one of his descendants who was forced to remain behind to buy time for the escaping fleet.

As Geary is brought up to speed on what has been happening during the war, it becomes imperative to bring the stolen Syndic hypernet key safely home to the Alliance if they have any hope of ending the war. Not only that but he has to do it with what is left of the fleet mostly intact or there will be no way to capitalize on the hypernet key. Geary is also forced to retrain the fleet to fight in formation instead of the new tactics of charging straight at the enemy supposedly influenced by Geary's example at his famous last stand.Geary's attempt to change the fleet's culture causes problems with some captains, including one egomaniacal captain freed from a labor camp of Alliance POWs who has a reputation almost as famous as Geary's and uses it to split a good portion of the fleet off on a suicide mission. As the entire military force of the Syndicate Worlds continues to hunt the Alliance fleet, Geary is often forced to raid Syndic worlds for supplies. During these forays he begins to uncover evidence of a third faction in this war. He believes they are an unknown alien civilization who scared the Syndics enough to start a war with the Alliance. These aliens may even have been responsible for humans discovering the hypernet and may have had sinister reasons for giving humans the technology after Geary discovered that a hypernet gate could be used to destroy a single star system.

The alien civilization, whatever their designs for humanity are, do not appear to want the Alliance fleet to reach their home space. When Geary led the fleet to attack the Lakota star system, the aliens manipulated the Syndic hypernet to transport a Syndic fleet to the system, even though that was not their original destination.

* The Lost Fleet: Dauntless (2006)
* The Lost Fleet: Fearless (2007)
* The Lost Fleet: Courageous (2007)
* The Lost Fleet: Valiant (2008)
* The Lost Fleet: Relentless (2009)
* The Lost Fleet: Victorious (2010)

About the Author Jack Cambell

John G. Hemry (LCDR, USN ret.) is an American author of military science fiction novels. Drawing on his experience as a retired United States Navy officer, he has written the Stark's War and Paul Sinclair series. Under the name Jack Campbell, he has written five volumes of the Lost Fleet series, and on his website names another forthcoming volume. He has also written over a dozen short stories, many published in Analog magazine, and a number of non-fiction works.

The Lost Fleet - Dauntless - Jack Campbell - NEW Book



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