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Magician: Master - Raymond E. Feist NEW Book 2 in the Riftwar Saga

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Magician: Master  - Raymond E. Feist  NEW Book 2 in the Riftwar Saga

Magician: Master - Raymond E. Feist - NEW Book

Book 2 in the Riftwar Saga

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In the twelfth year of the reign of Rodric the Fourth, an orphaned kitchen boy named Pug was made an apprentice magician to the magician Kulgan in Crydee. An indifferent student of magic, he rose to high station by saving Princess Carline, Duke Borric’s daughter from mountain trolls and became squire of the Duke's court. Following the discovery of a foreign ship wrecked after a storm and reports of bizzarrely dressed warriors appearing in the forests, Pug’s liege, Lord Borric set out for the coast to pass out the warning. Their travels were delayed however by dark elves and they were rescued by dwarves and their leader Dolgan who led them through a series of mines to the coast.

Shortly after in arriving in Krondor Lord Borric’s band were instructed to carry on to Rillanon, however they were refused any help from the mad King in the capital and turned away. War erupted between Midkemian and the otherworldly Tsurani. The Duke's troops engaged in a fierce battle in an effort to locate and destroy the rift in spacetime which gave access to the Tsurani, but Pug was captured and brought back through the rift to the Tsurani homeworld. After years of stalemate fighting on Midkemia by the two opposing forces, Pug returns as a magician, a Great One, the Tsurani name for practitioners of magic. Discovering that Pug is alive and prospering as a magician, the dying Duke Borric revealed that he had adopted Pug into his family, also giving him an island – Stardock, Where Pug begins an academy of magic. Duke Borric also reveals that Martin is his son and the older brother to Lyam and Arutha. Upon Borric’s death, Lyam became Duke of Crydee and commander of the Armies of the West. Shortly after, King Rodric appeared at the camp after hearing the news of Borric's death. King Rodric himself then led a charge against the Tsurani, breaking their ranks and driving them back. When the army returned victorious it is learnt the King suffered a mortal injury. While dying, the King's sanity seemed to have returned and he apologizes to Lyam and names him heir to the throne.

With his death, Lyam assumed command, and he sued for a peace treaty with the Emperor Ichindar. During the peace treaty, the two rulers, with Pug as the interpreter, began on good terms by exchanging gifts. By chance, the elves and dwarves mistakenly perceived treachery, and the truce dissolved into an all-out conflict. Pug sought to close the rift, and with Macros the Black, succeeded in severing the connection between the two worlds, leaving stranded numerous Tsurani soldiers in Midkemia, which included Kasumi. The Tsurani settled down in the city of LaMut not long after. Lyam becomes king and there is no dispute between him and Martin (Duke Borric's illegitimate first son)

About the Author Raymond E. Feist

Raymond Elias Feist (born 1945, Los Angeles, California) is an American author who primarily writes fantasy fiction. He is best known for The Riftwar Cycle series of novels and short stories. His books have been translated into multiple languages and have sold over 15 million copies. Raymond E. Feist was born in 1945 in Los Angeles, and was raised in Southern California. He was born with the name Raymond E. Gonzales III, but took his adoptive step-fathers surname Felix E. Feist when his mother remarried. . He graduated with a B.A. in Communication Arts with Honors in 1977 from the University of California at San Diego. During that year Feist had some ideas for a novel about a boy who would be a magician. He wrote the novel two years later, and it was published in 1982 by Doubleday. Feist currently lives in San Diego with his children, where he collects fine wine, DVDs, and books on a variety of topics of personal interest: wine, biographies, history, and, especially, the history of American Professional Football.


Magician: Master - Raymond E. Feist - NEW Book



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