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A Meeting at Corvallis - S.M. Stirling - NEW Book - A Novel of the Change

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A Meeting at Corvallis - S.M. Stirling -  NEW Book  - A Novel of the Change

A Meeting at Corvallis - S.M. Stirling - NEW Book

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Paperback - the third Book in "The Change" series

Mike (Lord Bear) and Signe Havel of the Bearkillers and Juniper Mackenzie of Clan Mackenzie, travel to Corvallis, a nuetral city-state, to convince them to join with them in resisting the PPA. Meanwhile, the Dunedain Rangers have captured a major knight of the PPA leading a band of raiders into their territory and take him to Corvallis for his trial. Sandra Arminger and her private servant/assassin Tiphaine, however, also travel to Corvallis to speak in defense of the PPA. Sandra sends Tiphaine to kill the knight so he can not be used as evidence against the PPA. Tiphaine successfully kills the knight and flees the scene even though she was ambushed by the Rangers. At the Corvallis Faculty Senate, the governing body of Corvallis originally composed of professors from Oregon State University, the allied forces are unable to convince Corvallis to side against the PPA; but they are successful in getting Corvallis to recognize the Dunedain Rangers. Months later, Lord Protector Norman Arminger finally begins his war against the Bearkillers, Mount Angel, and Clan Mackenzies. Arminger divides his forces into three armies and dispatches them to destroy the three factions. While Corvallis refuses to help, two thousand Corvallis volunteers arrive to reinforce the Bearkillers and help them win their battle against Protectorate forces. The Central Oregon Ranchers Association also pitches in, sending a few hundred light cavalrymen to help the MacKenzies break the siege of Mount Angel. The remaining Protectorate forces regroup and retreat back to PPA territory.Rudi Mackenzie (the son of Juniper Mackenzie and Mike Havel), is captured in a PPA raid to free Princess Mathilda Arminger, and Sandra entrusts him to Tiphaine. Tiphaine takes the two children to her castle, where she holds them. Norman Arminger, however, decides to have Rudi captured and tortured, and sends one of his knights to collect him. A Ranger rescue mission to free Rudy, led by Astrid Larsson, arrives during the skirmish between the PPA factions, but Tiphaine is already victorious. Tiphaine had sworn vengeance on Astrid for killing Tiphaine's lover, Katrina, but Rudi and Mathilda persuade Astrid to leave Tiphaine alive and the women abandon their vendetta. Astrid and the Rangers leave with Rudi, leaving Mathilda with Tiphaine.

The war breaks out again and this time the PPA has massed its entire army for one decisive battle. Ten thousand PPA lancers, spearmen and crossbowmen take the field against the combined allied army. Lord Bear Mike Havel, feeling that the allies may lose the battle, publicly challenges Arminger to a personal duel. Arminger, with rebellions back home and knowing that looking weak in front of his nobles would destroy his nation, accepts the challenge. Havel and Arminger meet each other in single combat with lances, swords, and daggers, and after a long fight, Havel slays Arminger with a dagger thrust. Havel, however, was fatally wounded during the battle and after giving his final orders and messages to his closest family and friends he dies. With both leaders' dead, the PPA forces begins to break up and return to home. Sandra Arminger negotiates a truce Juniper MacKenzie and the remaining Bearkiller leaders. They decide on an annual Meeting to be held at Corvallis (similar to the United Nations), a peace treaty, and agree that Princess Mathilda and Rudi Mackenzie would spend a few months each year in PPA and MacKenzie territory until they reach adulthood. Soon after, Mike Havel's funeral is held in Bearkiller territory. At the end of the book, Juniper has a vision during a Wiccan ceremony of an adult Rudi leading a massive army that is shouting his craft name "Artos".


About The Emberverse series or "The Change"

Though the Change caused a large loss of life everywhere, Oregon suffered rather less than most places of similar population density. Though losing over 95% of its population, it was spared being turned into a 'death zone' with no survivors at all except the more successful cannibal bands. This is what usually happened in areas around large cities, like Portland. There were several reasons for this. First much of the population of Portland, the largest city, was forced out by the Portland Protective Association (PPA) and either died en masse or joined the tens of thousands congregated in large refugee camps around Salem. Second the Oregon state government prevented the refugees from foraging in the rural areas, except for government approved groups mounted on bicycles, This protected the rural areas from losing their food and supplies, especially since the citizens of small towns and farmers tended to fight the foraging groups successfully. Third, the large amount of people living in refugee camps with limited medical supplies became susceptible to disease. Thanks to strict quarantine methods, the rural communities in Oregon were spared the worst effects of the plague. Post-Change Oregon history is then marked with attempts by the PPA to conquer the entire Willamette Valley, but the southern communities led by the Bearkillers and Clan Mackenzie successfully oppose them. The last attempt is called the War of the Eye or the Protector’s War, and ended with the death of Lord Protector Arminger at the hands of Lord Bear Havel. The end of the war saw the PPA ending their attempts at conquest south and the creation of “The Meeting”, a United Nations like organization dedicated to keeping the peace among the different factions in the valley.

Due to the difficulties in communicating across the world caused by the Change, information on the rest of the world is scant. Some information, however, has been revealed. In Great Britain the royal family and others were evacuated to the Isle of Wight to protect them from the starving rioters of the cities. A couple years later resettlement began from Wight and other islands and farmland was once again reestablished in England and continental Europe. Contact was made with other parts of the world, including Iceland, which removed a substantial portion of its population to Britain in order to survive. Gibraltar (which had started to colonize southern Spain and Morocco), Ulster, and Prince Edward Island all survived and swore loyalty to the British government and along with the new territories being colonized in Europe and North Africa, leading to a rebirth of the British Empire. Tasmania and New Zealand also recognized British sovereignty over them, but due to distance this is only a symbolic gesture. Other parts of Europe also survived the Change and prospered. Parts of Scandinavia that survived formed the nation of "Norrland" and divided Western Europe with Britain along the Rhine river. Parts of Ireland besides Ulster survived including the Republic of the Shannon and, in the north, the Republic of Ireland (Provisional), called "Provoland," a fanatical Republican entity to the immediate west and south of the Principality of Ulster. In Italy two nations arose out of the Change: Sicily and the Umbrian League. Not much has been revealed of Eastern Europe, though it has been reported it had a better survival rate than Western Europe.

The Pope died in the Vatican at the time of the Change but Cardinal Ratzinger fled to Umbria where the connections with the worldwide Roman Catholic church were reestablished in time for his election as the new Pope. Probably the greatest post-Change success of the Roman Catholic Church was reunification with the Church of England and the crowning of the British monarch as Emperor of the West. For a time Europe was threatened by raids from pirates out of the Canary Islands, supported by the Emir of Dakar. A coalition of European nations joined together to retake the Canary Islands and then destroy their bases on mainland Africa. Information on the rest of the world is scanty. Merchants from Astoria and Newport have been trading at several ports in Asia, including one named New Singapore. Parts of South America apparently survived, given that Cardinals from there participated in the election of the new Pope. Sicily has colonized Libya while a scattering of African city-states have survived along the coast of the continent including Cape Town.


About the Author S.M Stirling

Stephen Michael Stirling is a French-born Canadian-American science fiction and fantasy author. Stirling is probably best-known for his Draka series of alternate history novels and the more recent time travel/alternate history Nantucket series and Emberverse series. S.M. Stirling novels Go Tell The Spartans and Prince of Sparta are set in Jerry Pournelle's "CoDominium" future history.S.M. Stirling's novels are generally conflict-driven and often describe military situations and militaristic cultures. In addition to his books' military, adventure & exploration focus, he often describes societies with cultural values significantly different from modern western views. One of S.M Striling's recurring topics is the influence of the culture on an individual's outlook and values, with a particular emphasis on the idea that most people and societies consider themselves (mostly) moral. Stirling also has a fascination with technological development, and frequently turns to explorations of this within the context of many of his novels. The Draka for instance, chose and faced a different imperative in their conquest of Africa, and turned earlier to breech-loading firearms and steam power than the rest of the Western World. The stranded islanders of Nantucket must try to rebuild their technological base once the island is stranded in 1250 BC, while the dazed survivors of the 'Change' now face a world where electricity, firearms, and internal combustion no longer work. In the past S.M Stirling has frequently collaborated with other authors, including David Drake, Jerry Pournelle, Anne McCaffrey and Raymond E. Feist.


A Meeting at Corvallis - S.M. Stirling - NEW Book



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