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Intrepid Force: Invasion Timothy Wise Paperback

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Intrepid Force: Invasion   Timothy Wise   Paperback
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The second in the Intrepid Force series, Intrepid Force: Invasion continues the adventures of the technologically-advanced crisis intervention team as they struggle to cope with disaster on a global scale. Invasion begins with the discovery of an ancient wreck on Titan, Saturn's large moon. Two years later, Earth is invaded by an armada of ships under the control of a warlord who calls himself Gogue and claims to be the Antichrist predicted by Christian prophecy. Aided by Neema, a time traveler from a dark and terrible future age, the Intrepid Force races to unravel the mystery of Gogue's identity and to free their world before Neema's future becomes their own reality. Set in 2085 and inspired by the X-Men and similar superhero teams, the Intrepid Force is populated with well-developed characters and placed in an age that is both futuristic and familiar.



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